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Had to Share This – The Top 5

I Just Had to Share This   

BonusBaging     Make £200 – £1500 in 4 Weeks!

Ok – I’m not a gambler. 

The only time I’ve ever placed bets before is at the Grand National and I have to admit I have been to Bingo a handful of times before. But that was some years ago and only cos I heard they did cheap beer and my missus kind of made me.

 I have no clue about what the odds are or what difference hard or soft ground makes and I think I only ever won once.

So why am I writing a post about something that looks like a betting scam?

Why?  Because heard about this system called BonusBaging that wasn’t actually betting because you are only using FREE Credit so no risk, but quite nice rewards.

I did some research, and it all started to make sense.  I found loads of people had actually made quite a lot of money in a short space of time doing exactly this. Usually between £200 and £1500 in 2 to 3 weeks.

Here’s how it works:  You can’t have missed the fact that gambling adverts are all over the place. Adverts on TV, on the internet, on football shirts and in newspapers.  There’s 100’s of different companies.  Bookmakers, Slot Machines, Fantasy Football and Bingo.  Ads all over the place!  Last week I even saw Iceland was now doing bingo.  Yes you heard me right Iceland (the freezer supermarket place) now does online bingo!!!

Well whatever.  Anyway, there’s so many of them fighting for your cash that most of them are prepared to give you insane amounts of FREE bets just for signing up with them.  The trick then is to use the free bets and turn it into real cash.  Company’s give you free bet’s cos most people only sign up at one website and they want to keep you as a customer.

Now as I said – I’m no expert, but I came across a guide that’s been put together by someone that is. The Guide is called BonusBaging and its £27.  It has 100’s of positive reviews and they even offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

 My first thought was; do you really need a guide or can you not figure it out yourself?  The overwhelming conclusion I came to is…    Yes you could figure it out yourself but this guide will save you a lot of time and gives you all the best info and tactics so it’s well worth the £27.

Let me just say, this will not turn into a full time job!  It has a limited life as you will eventually run out of website that will give you free credit. It is meant to be done an hour or 2 a day for a few weeks for a bit of extra cash and you should never put in any of your own money!

You can get the guide by clicking here BonusBaging.



As always, I am keen to hear your feedback.  TheTop5.co.uk only offers products and services on this website from other companies and I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.  I feel that as we are talking about betting I should also put ‘when the fun stops, stop. But good luck and please let me know how you get on and I will update this post in early 2018 when we have some feedback.